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July Classes

July Classes

 All classes held at Health Summit Wellness Center

1063 W Horsetooth Rd. Suite 200

Please call and reserve your spot! 970.377.9611

CBD Oil Taught by Dr. Jennings

Your brain and body is hardwired with an 
endocannabinoid hormone system that helps the vital     communication of the centers in your body communicate   with each other. Therefore, CBD oil has been an
effective support to the nervous system, endocrine
system & immune system -  helping to relieve pain,
anxiety, depression, support appropriate immune
response in autoimmune conditions, allergies, restless legs, leaky gut, and more. Unlike medical marijuana, hemp contains NO THC and is not psychoactive. You cannot overdose. You cannot “get high.” You cannot become dependent or addicted.

Thursday, July 13th 

12:00pm - 1:00pm

Tools to Cope with Stress Taught by Eileen

Stressed??...Balancing your life so you can create the life you desire for yourself and others! We’ll take a look atall aspects affecting our stress levels and howwe can be in control of the course it takes in our life!

Wednesday, July 19th 

12:00pm - 1:00pm

Decoding Your Thyroid

Tired? Weight Gain/Loss for no reason? Depressed? Brain fog? Hair loss? Learn symptoms of hyper and hypo thyroidism. Most doctors do insufficient testing. Find out the complete testing needed to decode if it’s your thyroid and where the problem lies. This class will help you know how to start restoring your health. An estimated 80% of Americans over 40 suffer from  thyroid symptoms.

Tuesday, July 25th

6:30pm - 7:30pm


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